For the record, Josh Allen is shocked too. One minute, Wyoming's quarterback is chasing down a San Diego State defensive back bound for the end zone with one of Allen's 15 interceptions last season, the next he's in the frontal lobe every NFL analyst worth his sound bite. ESPN's Adam Schefter caught a whiff. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora graced our site with a profile . Next thing you know, Allen's small-town, pickup-drivin' story has all but gone viral. At this point, when it comes to 2018 NFL Draft projections, if Allen isn't predicted to be the No. 2 overall player taken, he's No. 1. What in the name of Carson Wentz? "It was real crazy," Allen told me this week. "All of a sudden people started calling me, numerous texts. People tweeting at me." His ascension to the top of draft boards threatens to make a mockery of the pros' scouting ability. (Where have they been on this guy?) On the other hand, it's hard to blame them for being so late to the party. Allen came out of tiny Firebaugh, California, (population: 8,300) with no offers, came out of junior college with only two. But thanks to a growth spurt and a rocket arm that compares favorably to a certain gunslinger, here we are. "He's a Brett Favre-type guy," bragged Wyoming coach Craig Bohl. Except that Allen is 20 and, his coach contends, still doesn't shave. Bohl laughs heartily when it is suggested he is the closest thing to a quarterback guru as there is at the moment. Bohl and his current offensive coordinator at Wyoming, Brent Vigen, are also largely responsible for developing Wentz at North Dakota State.