David Wright picked up a pile of cash this season. His eight-year, $138 million deal was the most expensive contract in franchise history. But Michael Weiner, the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association, said Wright could have commanded even more. "David understood that if he went out to market he’d probably make more money," Weiner said Thursday morning at Tradition Field. "And perhaps substantially more money." Weiner was not complaining. He said it was a good thing from a competitive standpoint that Wright decided to remain as the anchor of the franchise that drafted him. Weiner also told reporters that both sides – players and owners – will examine the issue of draft pick compensation in the future. Earlier this spring, the Mets were hesitant to extend an offer to free agent Michael Bourn because it would cost them the No. 11 pick in the 2013 draft. "The compensation affected those [top-tier free agents] fairly dramatically this year," Weiner said. "And we’d like to try to address that."