“Scrappy.” “Gritty.” “Team baseball.” Ready for your 2013 Mets season? I have no idea whether we’ll be using the above terms to describe this club six months from now. Yet as the Mets kick off their season against the Padres, we can predict this with confidence: Fans will be just as passionate on Oct. 1 about their franchise player — their top salesman — as they will be today at Citi Field, when David Wright gets serenaded with his new handle. You might not cherish the upcoming journey. But you’ll love your captain. “Opening Day is already so cool,” Wright said yesterday, before the Mets held an “optional” workout (everyone attended, even the tardy Jordany Valdespin) at Citi Field. “But to be kind of introduced as the captain, it’s pretty special. … It’s obviously a memorable Opening Day for me.” To borrow an old phrase from the Mets’ highly paid outfielder Bobby Bonilla ($1,193,248.20 this year), you couldn’t wipe the smile off Wright’s face as he touted his “scrappy” and “gritty” teammates. And why not? Everyone is always ready to get the heck out of Florida or Arizona, and the World Baseball Classic made this an even longer spring training than normal. The news of Johan Santana’s season-ending left shoulder injury is devastating; nevertheless, Wright pointed out the rest of the banged-up Mets came out OK. Both he and Daniel Murphy will be in the lineup today, after battling through their intercostal conditions. Shaun Marcum begins the year on the disabled list, but he is scheduled to start next Sunday against the Marlins — we’ll see whether that actually happens.