Matt Harvey cannot win or lose on the field for a while now. In the clubhouse, however, his credibility will receive a decision. Take your pick – mountain or molehill – when it comes to the magnitude of Harvey strong-arming the Mets about where he will work most to make his arm strong again. But by insisting he do a bulk of his rehab in New York rather than where the Mets wished, in St. Lucie, Harvey will face scrutiny about his reasons for doing so. And not just from Jeff Wilpon and Sandy Alderson. But from his peers. As David Wright – captain and conscience of this group – said, “I told him his actions are going to speak louder than his words.” In his own words, Harvey has insisted he wants to be in New York rather than at the Mets’ minor league complex to support his teammates and learn the league better, and not because the supermodel volume is slightly better in the Meatpacking District than the Chipotle on St. Lucie West Boulevard. We will see if his actions match. The Mets and Harvey reached a compromise whereby he will rehab in New York when the team is home and in St. Lucie when they are not before going near full-time to St. Lucie around June 1 when he is ready to pitch off of a mound. It is any player’s collectively bargained right to only be stashed at a minor league facility for 20 days. But most teams have their rehab facilities at their minor league sites in Florida or Arizona because, among other things, it assures good weather plus devoted attention away from the daily grind of the regular season. DL players fit in an uncomfortable space as part of the team, but not. Active players do not like waiting for a trainer because someone who is not even eligible to play that day is getting treatment. They loathe going back to the clubhouse during the game and seeing a DL player – particularly a young one – lying on a couch watching TV rather than cheering for the team on the bench.