Shi Davidi, who I think is great and I'm not trying to pick on, has a post up saying the Jays could be planning to save half a million dollars by having Henry Blanco as back up catcher over Josh Thole. I'd absolutely hate this. I get that R.A. Dickey said that Blanco was the best he's had at catching the knuckleball and that Blanco has a better arm. Not that having a good arm helps all that much with a knuckleball, you aren't going to throw out a lot of runners when that pitch comes floating him. I'm being told, on Twitter, that Blanco handles staffs well and that he is a good guy. How can you tell he handles staffs well, when he caught 21 games last year, 37 the year before and 50 before that? That he's a good guy, well that's the logic that got us Kevin Millar.