Q: How about Marc Gasol for Hassan Whiteside? -- David, Fort Lauderdale. A: While I rarely mull trade suggestions, if only because it comes down to teams' private deliberations, I have been intrigued by this one-on-one swap possibility in light of the Grizzlies' uneven run and the Heat's move somewhat away from Hassan's power style (and ongoing development of Bam Adebayo). The salaries are basically similar, as are the remaining years, although Gasol is four years older, with plenty of international wear. Still, his style would seem to fit exactly what Erik Spoelstra has been seeking from his big men. Still, there is one huge, oversized factor at play, and that well could be a deal breaker -- the fact that Gasol was seen as the driving force in ending the Memphis coaching tenure of Spoelstra close friend David Fizdale. That could end any discussion before it ever may start. In some ways, the Grizzlies consider Whiteside one that got away, after the Heat poached him from the Grizzlies' developmental-league roster. From a basketball standpoint, it could represent a fresh start for both teams and both players. The Grizzlies, though, likely would be looking to shed salary if they were to move on from Gasol. Now, if a team would be willing to take on Chandler Parsons that might be another story. But from a cap standpoint, Gasol-Parsons for Whiteside-Tyler Johnson only would work once the 2018-19 cap calendar begins. As with all of these notions, is stands as mere speculation with seemingly little basis in reality.