One of the all-time great Ravens, Ed Reed, has the opportunity to hit the open market this off-season. Considering the Saints are moving to Rob Ryan's 3-4 scheme this coming season, Who Dat Nation would love nothing more than to see the Louisiana native come home to finish his career. Baltimore Beatdown's Bruce Raffel shares some insight on what Reed has meant to the Ravens and what he could mean to the Saints. We greet him from the home of the Ravens recent triumph, and yeah, sorry about the lights. Wallace Delery: So Bruce, how much does Reed still have left in the tank? Bruce Raffel: The thought is that while Reed cannot tackle much anymore due to an injured neck and shoulder, he is still the game's best centerfielder and his mere presence causes opposing QBs to throw away from his side of the field. Thus, the tank still has gas in it. How much is anyone's guess. WD: Certainly the Ravens would be looking for a hometown discount should they wish to re-sign Reed. How large a contract is Reed worth signing to? BR: It doesn't appear Reed is looking to give the Ravens a discount and any price they pay will affect their salary cap, especially with the need to pay QB Joe Flacco. Hopefully, the team's front office can work out a short but multi-year deal to limit the cap hit, as no one in Baltimore wants to ever see Reed wear another NFL team's uniform. WD: What are the most important intangibles Ed Reed brings to the team physically and emotionally? BR: As mentioned above, his ability to read offense's makes the opposing QB locate Reed prior to the snap and then do their best not to throw to his side of the field.