Jumping to conclusions is an easy thing to do. It's human nature to have an opinion about something immediately. That opinion might change later on, but even if it's only slight, a person will have an opinion on something. That was evident on twitter last night where many Brewers fans immediately reached out and said Ryan Braun was innocent. He beat the appeal, and there is no way that he could be guilty anymore. Other baseball fans were even quicker to declare Braun absolutely guilty, a cheat, the worst thing to happen to baseball. One even compared Braun to Hitler, sort of. It is Eva Braun's birthday today. There's got to be a connection there, right? Braun, if you only just now got your internet back after a day long outage and don't subscribe to a newspaper and haven't left the house and haven't noticed frogs and locusts and water turning into blood, was listed on records from the Biogenesis clinic in Miami that has been in the news the past week for reportedly supplying performance enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, and others. The report was broken by The Miami New Times and picked up by national organizations almost immediately. At the time, Ryan Braun's name did not appear in any records.