Charles Woodson understands the reality of being a 15-year veteran in today’s NFL. In a league where teams want to get younger and younger, the market for a 36-year-old defensive back coming off his second broken collarbone in three years isn’t tremendous. So, Woodson’s wait continues nearly two months after the Green Bay Packers parted with the eight-time Pro Bowl player in light of the $10-million price tag he was carrying for the 2013 season. Shortly after the Green Bay Packers released Woodson, the San Francisco 49ers flew him out for a workout. Some reports even said the 49ers sent him a one-way plane ticket, a tongue-and-cheek way of indicating they weren’t going to let him leave. However, they did let him leave and Woodson has yet to be involved in any serious discussions with other NFL teams since. When asked about a potential return to Green Bay in an interview with "NFL AM" on Friday, Woodson didn’t want to speculate, only saying he’s ready for the phone to ring. “I am just waiting around,” Woodson said. “We put feelers out and there isn’t much right now. Just being patient. I went through this one time in 2006 when no one was interested coming out of Oakland. I am in that same situation now. Just have to be a little patient. I will land somewhere and help somebody win.”