Nerlens Noel used the words "true point guard" to describe the play of Ish Smith after Monday's loss to the Lakers. For those who thought the rookie center was taking a shot at former teammate Michael Carter-Williams, Noel said that was not the case. "I would never do that," Noel said after Wednesday's shootaround at the Verizon Center. "He [Carter-Williams] is a playmaker. There are times when you need a scoring point guard, a guy who is going to get in the lane and create. That is the way the NBA is. When you are 6-foot-6, it is good that you utilize your length and ability to get to the basket. I would never take a shot at him. "Everybody is different. Point guards in this league bring so much to the table, whether you are a playmaker or a pass-first guy. I think Ish is a pass-first, a different type of point guard." Brett Brown shared Noel's sentiments and had multiple examples to describe a "true point guard" versus a "scoring point guard." "It is somebody who really doesn't look to score as much as they look to pass," Brown said. "It is no knock. I was a true point guard. Jacque Vaughn was a true point guard. Speedy Claxton was a true point guard. Tony Parker is a scorer. Steph Curry is a scorer.