Another day, another fight at an MLB park -- and of course it was Dodger Stadium once again. During the Los Angeles Dodgers matchup with the Arizona Diamondbacks Tuesday night, a pretty vicious brawl broke out in the seats, and three women were involved in setting it off.

We obviously don't know what preceded what we see on the video, but a woman in a black shirt and an open blue Dodgers jersey slapped at a man in a black hoodie. Black hoodie's female companion (in a light blue hat) raised her arm at the first woman like she was going to throw a punch. The first woman's friend (in a black zip-up) flicked the hat and glasses off the guy in the hoodie with her left hand. Then hoodie guy, knowing he couldn't swing on a woman, threw a punch at a guy she was with (in a black hat) who appeared to be attempting to break things up. Zip-up then landed a sweet left hand on hoodie guy and he went down hard into the seats, and then she landed on the woman with him. That set off a general melee.