Kimberly Chartier of Chicopee Mass. has filed a civil suit against the New England Patriots and the NFL for the wrongful death of her husband during a 2010 Patriots game at Gillette Stadium according to the Springfield Repbulican. Chartier who is suing on behalf of her son Tedy is seeking at least $10 million in damages. The suit alleges that the Patriots and the NFL are responsible for 40-year-old Jeffrey Chartier dying from cardiac arrest in front of Tedy who was six years old at the time There were reports that Chartier's death had been immediately preceded by an altercation with a stadium security guard. Arthur Sherman was identified in the lawsuit as that security guard. The suit filed in June alleges: “Jeff Chartier died as a result of cardiac arrest that was precipitated by agitation and stress caused by an interaction with a security guard at Gillette Stadium who inappropriately and unnecessarily confronted Jeff Chartier and his son Tedy in a harsh unprofessional confrontational disrespectful and antagonistic manner.” Specifically according to the suit two NFL game officials invited Tedy who is named after former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi onto the field before the game but Sherman confronted Jeffrey Chartier about Tedy's presence on the field. The confrontation lasted more than 15 minutes. Afterwards Chartier went back to his seat and became unresponsive. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.