The Minnesota Timberwolves have been trying to climb up the standings ladder for 10 years now. With their current core of Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and Nikola Pekovic, the team had its most successful season that didn't involve Kevin Garnett in franchise history. But they're about to fall back down that ladder with Love looking to be on his way out sometime in the next year. It would send the Wolves into another rebuilding process. If that's the case, Rubio might not be far belong Love on his way out. Via, Rubio said that when he becomes a free agent he'll likely want to be on a winning team and not a team that still isn't fighting for a ring and winning. "The most important thing for me is winning. If I were a free agent my preferences would be a team that had a project with me involved. If that happens when I'm a free agent and I'm not yet on a project that is fighting for a ring and to win ... I would say that I would like to be on a winning team." This could be troubling for the Wolves if they start finding a mass exodus of talent from the current roster once Love leaves and the team because truly terrible again. While Rubio hasn't been the star point guard many people projected him to be, he only now just completed his first full NBA season after spending his first two years suffering an ACL injury and then returning from it.