There never has been much doubt about Rick Adelman returning as Timberwolves coach but it wasn’t for sure until he brought his coaching staff out to his home in Portland Ore. last week and laid out the plans for this season. Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed Adelman’s return Sunday. “Yes he did [say he’s coming back]” Taylor said. On the subject of the remodeling of Target Center and how the $100 million in expenses will be paid for Taylor reported some progress after a long delay and how much each of the three partners will contribute. “We have an agreement with the city and now they are working with the management team AEG to get an agreement there” Taylor said. “We’re just sort of waiting on the city to work it out with them. Then it’s my understanding that once they get that done they’re going to bring it to the City Council. “We have obligated ourselves to pay for $44 million to fix Target Center. The city will put in $50 million. We have to get $6 million from AEG.” Taylor added that once AEG agrees to come up with the $6 million and the City Council votes in favor as expected Taylor will proceed with the plans to remodel a good portion of the Block E complex into a modern practice facility for the Wolves. “That is all dependent on us getting the Target Center fixed up” Taylor said. “We’ve notified the city of that too because it’s important to get it through the City Council so we can go to the next step of the practice facility.