Playing between the two Kevins — Love and Martin — has been an adjustment for Nikola Pekovic. Not always an easy one, mind you, and sometimes maybe even a little frustrating. But it’s starting to come. Saturday at Target Center, the Timberwolves — playing the night after a listless loss at Denver, playing for the fifth time in seven nights, playing tired — pushed through the fatigue and got a bounce-back 106-88 victory over Boston. And they did it the old-fashioned way: by letting big Pek set the tone down low. He scored 10 of his 20 points and got six of his 12 rebounds in the third quarter when the Wolves (7-4) turned a four-point game into a 19-point runaway. For the Wolves, it was their second-best start after 11 games. Ever. For coach Rick Adelman, it signaled a return to playing interior defense. For Pekovic, it just felt like old times.