Lew Wolff, the 77-year-old co-owner of the A's, got into the batting cage at the auxiliary field Tuesday and took some whacks - or, as team employees would call them, graceful and powerful swings. Bench coach Chip Hale did the chucking, hittable stuff because, as Wolff said, "His job depended on it." Did Wolff take Hale deep? "By my standards, yes," Wolff said. Asked about the A's long-standing desire to move to San Jose, Wolff said he intended to fight that fight indefinitely, "until we get there, whether it's me or someone else who does it." He added, "It's sad that we haven't moved forward, but we're part of a partnership with baseball and we try to respect that." The commissioner's committee to study the A's ballpark situation will celebrate its fourth anniversary March 30. Assuming the members are alive. Does Wolff see any indication of anything happening on that front? "I'm going to continue like the Giants, with no comment on that. ... We both agreed not to comment on that." Would Wolff consider putting a move to San Jose on the agenda at an owners' meeting, for a vote? "It doesn't quite work that way, but that isn't the way we want to do it."