Jack McCloskey, the architect of the Detroit Pistons' back-to-back championship teams in 1989-90, is fighting Alzheimer's. McCloskey, 91, nicknamed “Trader Jack” for his many astute trades during his tenure as the team’s general manager in 1979-92, is at Insignia Personal Care Home in Savannah, Ga., a facility that caters to Alzheimer's and dementia patients. “He has his good days and not so good days,’’ said his wife, Leslie. “Some days he’s very happy and talks to everybody. Then some days he’s just very tired. You never know. He’s not really eating a lot. I go over every day. Today I took a bunch of food from home to see if I could make him eat that. He’s doing pretty well. He’s in a really good place. He was starting to get really bad at home, and I couldn’t take care of him anymore because he was falling. “This is a memory care facility. It’s for all people where we’ll all be; with no memory. It’s a very small place; maybe 35 people. They are very nice, and he gets a lot of care. ‘’ She said his memories of being in Detroit are still vivid. “We always talk about it and a couple of the guys here, especially a guy named Jarvis, are here at night and they’ve watched 30 for 30 (by ESPN) a couple of times,’’ Leslie said. “They’re all really interested. This place finds out about their lives and what they were interested in. Of course he (Jack) had the most interesting life of any of them.’’