Before he agreed to board an airplane for the first time to make his official visit to Georgetown, Otto Porter Jr. needed to be cajoled by his high school history teacher, Dee Cookson, that a trip to Washington would worthwhile – if for nothing else – because of what he would encounter in the nation’s capital. “She said, ‘You’ve got to go see the sights, because you might like it,’ ” Porter recalled on Friday at Verizon Center. “So I said, ‘I’m definitely going to go and check it out.’ ” Porter was initially disappointed when he was greeted with rain the moment he stepped off the plane three years ago, spoiling some of the views of the White House and Washington Monument as he toured the city. But during his three days in town, Porter immediately fell for the place and its rich history. His parents, Otto Sr., and Elnora, were even more impressed by the intimacy of Georgetown’s campus, which they felt would be a smoother adjustment for a kid from tiny Morely, Mo. Needing just two days to ponder, Porter agreed with his father that he needed to attend Georgetown. And after two years of starring on the Hilltop, Porter will remain in the place that he calls “my hometown” after the Washington Wizards chose him third in the NBA draft. “Knowing that I’m here,” Porter said in his introductory news conference, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The Wizards wouldn’t either, after they were able to draft a player who meshes well – in terms of talent, skill set and personality – with the culture of hard work and accountability that they have been trying to establish since deciding to rebuild the franchise around the same time Porter made his visit to Georgetown. Five consecutive lottery seasons now have yielded three top-three picks, and the Wizards hope that Porter will follow the successes of John Wall (No. 1, in 2010) and Bradley Beal (No. 3, 2012) and give the organization a dynamic young trio for many years to come.