Maybe someday, the Washington Wizards will get serious about rebuilding. To this point, they've only dabbled in it unsuccessfully. Until owner Ted Leonsis moves on without Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Nick Young, he's not truly committed to winning. Leonsis sets the agenda. He instructed Washington's basketball staff to start over and build through the draft. Ultimately, it will be his call to finally give up on Blatche, McGee and Young — most likely for little or nothing in return — after years of investing heavily in them. The correct choice is clear. Granted, dumping three core players, none of whom has turned 27, would be difficult for any owner. Typically, that's not how things are done in professional sports. The Wizards' bleak situation, however, requires bold action. Beginning anew next season without three current high-profile starters who don't get it, and probably never will, would be just that.