Clip ... clip ... clip. An hour before tipoff the Washington Wizards locker room is completely silent, except for one distinct sound: the methodical rhythm of Kelly Oubre Jr. trimming his fingernails in front of his locker. John Wall walks by. Silence. Bradley Beal walks in with his headphones on. Nothing. Otto Porter Jr. has his eyes glued to the projection screen in the locker room, not a peep. But Oubre keeps on trimming those fingernails. Clip ... clip ... clip. Little does Oubre know that, just two hours later, he -- and particularly his well-manicured hands -- will become the subject of examination and, later, disappointment. You've seen it by now. Draymond Green and Bradley Beal get tied up. Beal smacks Daymond in the face. They tumble to the ground. Green walks out with a torn jersey. Both are ejected. There was trash talk going on from both sides, but it's clear that Beal was out of line. At first it seemed Green may have elbowed Beal in the ribs to incite such a reaction, but upon further review it looks like the Warriors' All-Star forward was just executing a pretty standard box out and then, BOOM. The postgame reactions also paint a picture of who was to blame. Beal was solemn, apologetic, embarrassed. Green was the exact opposite -- "irate" was how ESPN's Chris Haynes described him. So Beal lost his cool during a physical moment of the game and did something stupid -- it happens. Green thinks that his reputation led to an unfair ejection -- surely possible. The one player who got a free pass was Oubre. It was hard to see specific details from my seat at the opposite end of the sideline at Oracle Arena, but one thing was unmistakable -- Oubre running toward the pile and proceeding to throw punches. Yet when the dust was settled and in-game punishments had been handed out, Oubre remained on the court.