Washington Wizards point guard John Wall plans to go back to school this summer and pursue his bachelor's degree, thereby fulfilling a promise he made to his late father. In a story published Monday night, Wall told The Washington Post that he will return to the University of Kentucky this summer to work toward his business degree. "I promised my dad that," Wall told the newspaper. Wall's father spent much of his son's early childhood in prison and died when Wall, a five-time All-Star, was 8 years old. The younger Wall went on to become a five-star high-school prospect and win Southeastern Conference Player of the Year honors in his first and only season at Kentucky. Amid criticism of his program's one-and-done culture, Kentucky coach John Calipari has repeatedly pointed out that the Wildcats offer their recruits "lifetime scholarships," allowing players like Wall to return to the school and finish their coursework. Other NCAA schools have similar programs for their student-athletes.