Helpless and clueless against Blake Griffin's scoring and frightened by DeAndre Jordan's prodigious defensive presence, the Warriors now teeter on the brink of despair. The homecourt advantage earned with their Game 1 victory last Saturday in Los Angeles is gone after a 98-96 loss to the Clippers in Game 3 on Thursday night at Oracle Arena. The Warriors now are down 2-1 in this first round, best-of-seven series. The pessimist would say they're done. The optimist would believe they could win three of four and advance. The realist would say they're in trouble. "We were not playing well," Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. "We turned the basketball over too much. We just got out of character." These sound suspiciously like the observations Jackson made after his team's 138-98 loss in Game 2. Though the comments are accurate, repeating them has to sting the Warriors a little more because this loss came before their adoring fans. This series is beginning to look as any reasonably knowledgeable observer might have predicted after Warriors center Andrew Bogut sustained a fractured rib in the final week of the season. The Clippers have a decisive advantage – with power forward Griffin and center Jordan representing the decisive in the advantage. Griffin had 32 points on 15-of-25 shooting, and was particularly effective against Warriors power forward David Lee. No other Clipper scored more than 15 points (Chris Paul) and none needed to. "We forced him to be a jump shooter, and he's making jump shots," Jackson said.