Kent Bazemore’s life flashed before his eyes on July 8. It was a moment of joy that ended up being cathartic. He saw every triumph and every setback in mind’s eye. He was reminded of every slight. The memories of a season that didn’t live up to expectations were there. So was the road he traveled. The moment when Samantha Serpe walked down the aisle to marry Bazemore, he reminisced on his growth as a man. Bazemore went through every scenario of his life. He mentally traversed the good times and the bad. As his bride approached the altar, the Hawks small forward knew everything was worth it. “I nearly lost it when she was walking down with her father,” Bazemore said. “She’s someone who’s been there. We started dating in the summer of my rookie season. She was there through my injury in L.A. Then moving to Atlanta. She didn’t have a job, she trusted me and came. We made it through a lot of storms. “I said to myself that ‘I’m still standing. We’re still standing. I made it.’” Overcoming the odds is a reccurring theme in Bazemore's life. He was a redshirt in his freshman year at Old Dominion University. By the time he left, Bazemore was one of the top players in the CAA conference. However, it wasn’t enough to get drafted in the NBA. Bazemore believes at least part of that was self-inflicted. “I struggled my senior year. I broke my foot and got a DUI in a week’s time,” Bazemore said. “I was instantly off the draft boards. It was an uphill climb all year. It was rough. I didn’t play well in Portsmouth Invitational. I wasn’t sure what would happen. ” In spite of Bazemore’s struggles, he caught the eye of several NBA scouts, and that led to a contract with the Warriors. Current Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk was working with Warriors and remembered seeing Bazemore for the first time. “It was at the Colonial tournament in Richmond,” Schlenk said. “It was his sophomore year. I saw his length and range. His ability to handle the ball and make plays for his teammates. I knew he had something.” Bazemore spent two years with Golden State from 2012-14. He famously helped influence Stephen Curry to sign with Under Armour. He was traded the Lakers and ended up suffering another foot injury that preemptively ended his season. “It was tough, and my wife was there through it all,” Bazemore said. “We went through a lot as she was trying to be there for me and I was dealing with a lot of things.”