It isn’t just Carmelo Anthony against the Pacers. It’s Carmelo Anthony against the World. He is the superstar who gets no respect. Carmelo Anthony is fighting a battle on many levels, and fighting it alone as must-win Game 2 arrives tonight at the Garden for the Knicks. He is playing against a roughhouse frontline that understands how playoff basketball is meant to be played, which means taking direct aim at his sore left shoulder and defying him to dishonor the warrior code by crying about it. Or anything else. And in Game 1, he found himself playing against referees who did not seem to care one iota that he finished third in the MVP voting behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant. There is no excusing his dreadful shooting slump, nor his own foul troubles. But even a blind man can see that he doesn’t get the calls that LeBron and Kobe and Michael have gotten. Derek Jeter gets the benefit of the doubt on pitches on the black. Melo? He gets whacked across the face by Roy Hibbert, and ... no harm, no foul. “I don’t know. ... I guess I gotta earn my respect, I don’t know,” Melo said, and smiled. “It gets frustrating sometimes out there, but I try not to let that negativity sink in. I’m just playin’ man. I’m gonna keep attacking, my game plan is not gonna change. They call it, they do; if not, so be it.” “What Melo, worry?” is the smart way, the only way to proceed and make good on his vow to be the leader of the Redeem Team. “We’ll redeem ourselves tomorrow,” Melo said yesterday.