Even with Jay Cutler essentially locked in as their starter for the next three seasons, should the Bears be looking for a quarterback in the NFL draft? Always. ‘‘Jay’s contract status doesn’t impact it, [but] I’d like to draft a quarterback every year,’’ general manager Phil Emery said before the 2013 draft. ‘‘If we could find the right quarterback, those are very valuable.’’ That is true now more than ever after seeing what coach Marc Trestman can do with quarterbacks in a well-stocked offense. Entering last season, Josh McCown was a journeyman quarterback with a 71.0 career passer rating whose value to the Bears was more in being Cutler’s buddy than a quality NFL quarterback. In Trestman’s hands, though, McCown became one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. His 103.0 passer rating in seven games (five starts) ranked third in the league. And that was with minimal work with the No. 1 offense from training camp until the day he was inserted as the No. 1 quarterback.