The Yankees are now considering free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew, which could potentially put another dent in the rival Red Sox's up-the-middle alignment only weeks after the Yankees signed Boston star center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. There's been a thought the Yankees might be willing to keep spending after landing star Japanese free agent pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, but while there doesn't seem to be a push for another top starter or reliever, Drew is one free agent the Yankees are at least weighing, according to people familiar with their thinking. The Yankees have spent $470 million already this winter, but there doesn't appear to be a precise limit now that the luxury tax threshhold has already been surpassed -- and that's very likely especially true when it comes to Red Sox players. Although the Yankees apparently aren't quite a bottomless pit of cash; a possible run at Drew "depends on the price" according to a person familiar with their thinking. The Yankees' biggest remaining issue is an uncertain infield, and while their iconic shortstop Derek Jeter will be the shortstop provided he's healthy, second base and third base aren't completely settled. Drew could possibly be used at second base, if signed, with an eye on moving to shortstop if Jeter doesn't prove helathy. The Yankees have previously signed Brian Roberts, who has been penciled in at second base, plus Kelly Johnson, who should get signigicant time at third base.Eduardo Nunez is a holdover. The Red Sox are believed to have signaled a willingness to do a multiyear deal with Drew, though obviously he is still wondering if there's a better deal for him out there. The Red Sox also have two top shortstop prospects in Xander Bogaerts, who'll very likely be their shortstop if Drew signs elsewhere, and the slick-fielding youngster Deven Marrero.