Well if it's not about Lubomir Visnovsky, it'll probably be about Rick DiPietro, right? With the new CBA comes the "amnesty" or compliance buyouts during the summer. But a new twist this week is that Scott Gomez and Wade Redden are headed for buyouts before the start of the season. Both players have such heinous contracts that their respective teams were prepared to not let them play anywhere this season rather than risk an injury that would make a buyout impossible over the summer. Rather than have them sit at home for the season, the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement to allow a buyout now and give those players a chance to find work, for a much cheaper salary and cap hit, on another team. Say what you will about Gomez and Redden, but they don't have nearly the injury history that should have worried the Rangers and Habs into sending them home for the season. Meanwhile, the most likely buyout candidate for the Islanders is DiPietro, precisely because he's never been the same since the injuries began.