One fan favorite returned to the Cavaliers lineup on Sunday night at The Q while two others remained where they belonged in street clothes on the bench. Injured Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao got to watch Moondog arrive on the court rocking an eye patch and a protective canine cone. The team mascot suffered an eye injury during a play fight gone wrong Wednesday against Indiana's David West. Moondog showed he's hockey tough by not missing a game. The Cavaliers showed their smarts by continuing to remain vague on the returns of Irving (sprained shoulder) and Varejao (fractured wrist). Ten days ago, I wanted them both to come back and play with Tristan Thompson to see how those three worked together. A dozen or so games could have supplied a decent sample size and given management a preview look as to what to expect. Could Thompson and Varejao produce enough offense in the same front court? How much of an adjustment would it be for Irving to have his power forward playing near the basket instead of on the perimeter where Antawn Jamison often lurks? Coach Byron Scott admitted he, too, was intrigued. Now, what's the point?