In the most memorable commercial of Super Bowl Sunday, when Eli Manning hoisted Odell Beckham Jr. high into the air in some NFL-style “Dirty Dancing,” the Giants entertainingly changed the conversation from the doom and gloom of 2017 to Blue skies ahead next fall. Manning and Beckham were the two natural stars to headline the spot: the beloved face-of-the-franchise, two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback restored to his starting role after a house-cleaning; and the uber-talented, A-list celebrity receiver whose brand has gone global at age 25, who is hunting a Comeback Player of the Year award coming off injury, and who tantalizingly hasn't even yet reached his prime. But do Manning and Beckham really engender the same affinity, loyalty and emotions in the hearts of Giants fans, who stood so strongly behind Manning against the organization's mishandlings this winter, accelerating John Mara's overhaul of the front office and coaching staff? Or, faced with a choice of Beckham vs. the Giants, is the vocal pro-Manning majority actually the same group of fans that would prefer a faceless 53-man roster of silent yeomen and predictable stability to the drama, controversy and attention that Beckham— despite his talent and performance on the field — brings with him? No one will know the answer to that question until Beckham and the Giants reach a public impasse. And it might never get to that point if the Giants, spearheaded by assistant GM Kevin Abrams, and Beckham, represented by Zeke Sandhu of Elite Athlete Management, agree on a lucrative, long-term contract extension quietly and soon.