The normal collection of luminaries and celebrities watching from courtside welcomed another significant spectator Thursday night, as Mike Woodson chose the Knicks’ first game against Miami this season to finally take a stand with troubled guard J.R. Smith. With Smith’s shoelaces essentially tied to the bench for the entire game — leading him to question his future with the team, one day after being fined yet again by the NBA — the Knicks played perhaps their most inspired game of the season without him in a playoff-like 102-92 victory over LeBron James and the Heat at the reenergized Garden. “A momentum booster for us, a confidence booster, but it’s just another win,” Carmelo Anthony said, before adding he was unaware until the game went along that Smith — his longtime teammate in Denver and New York — wasn’t going to play. “Honestly, really honest, I didn’t know what was going on. I stay out of that. Whatever decision is made, I leave that up to whoever made that decision,” Anthony said. “But he’s good, man. . . . Probably upset that he didn’t play today, but mentally he should be good. It’s not life or death. Things happen, situations happen, and we move on. I need him Saturday in Philly.” Smith’s mental state didn’t seem that secure afterward; he responded to a question about his future in New York by saying, “Honestly, I don’t even know at this point. At one point I was, for sure, and now it’s rocking the boat.” Woodson testily declined comment on Smith several times both before and after the game, but the exasperated coach had laced into him in an ESPN radio interview radio one day earlier. Woodson termed the latest incidents — Smith attempting to untie an opponent’s shoelace in games against Dallas and Detroit earlier this week — “unprofessional” and “unacceptable,” adding that the 28-year-old New Jersey product “needs to grow up.”