Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter takes umbrage with some of the fans who contend all the team has to do is run more no-huddle offense. He was still hot after doing an radio interview where the subject of the "no huddle" attack was addressed. “Those two words ‘no huddle’ people seem to have a misconception that the words ‘no huddle’ equals scoring points” Koetter said on Tuesday. “You still have to have the right play on and execute the play.” With wide receiver Julio Jones (injured reserve) and possibly wide receiver Roddy White (hamstring/ankle) out for the Tampa Bay game the Falcons will cut back some of their no-huddle operation which is called “Texas.” “No-huddle is a big part of our package” Koetter said. “We are fully committed to it. Obviously when you take experienced guys out you can’t ask inexperienced guys to (do it) . . . you can’t do as many things. Roddy Matt (Ryan) and Julio have been together so long that they can just use hand signals. It builds on its own.” Wide receivers Harry Douglas Drew Davis and Kevin Cone are up for increased roles. Ryan along with assistant head coach/wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie and quarterbacks coach Glenn Thomas spent about 30 minutes after practice trying to get the newly acquired Brian Robiskie up to speed in the no-huddle offense.