Now that agent Jimmy Sexton has finished negotiating Jimmy Graham’s deal with the New Orleans Saints, he can concentrate fully on a new deal for his other high-profile client, Ndamukong Suh. That is, if the Detroit Lions and their defensive tackle want one. Suh and the Lions have been extremely silent on negotiations and have only issued the most politic statements on the matter as he prepares to play the final year of his rookie contract. “Without question,” Suh said last month when he was asked if he wanted a long-term deal with the Lions. “I don’t think anybody wouldn’t want to be a Lion. Obviously I’ve been here and understood what’s so great about this team, the potential that we have.” But Suh refused to put any kind of timetable on when that deal might get done. Usually, NFL players and teams sign new deals during the off-season and before the regular season begins. Suh would not say whether he wanted a new deal before the season.