Gosselin: “I want to see more of Bruce Carter on the weak side. Monte Kiffin moved him over there for a reason. With his size and speed, he’s a perfect fit for that weak side backer in the Tampa Cover 2 scheme. This is where Derrick Brooks played. The position has cleaned up. He will be put in position to make plays, to make tackles, make interceptions, force fumbles. He’s going to be a key piece in this defense. Derrick Brooks went to 11 Pro Bowls. Only one linebacker in history went to more. The first thing Tony Dungy and Monte did when they got there was flip him from strong side to weak side. They said he was the perfect fit for this scheme, and they’re saying that about Bruce Carter.” Moore: “I’m not sure how much you can tell by the linemen on either side, offensive or defensive. But with the switch to the 4-3, one thing you’ve heard in recent years or is a constant question of as good as Jay Ratliff has been, is he undersized for the position that nose tackle position in the 3-4. Jerry (Jones) is saying he’ll extend his career, and you’ll see a different Jay Ratliff this year. I think you need to see a different Jay Ratliff this year because the guy has declined in each of his last three years. When you get to his age, rarely do you see that player turn it around so I’ll be real interested to see what sort of impact Jay Ratliff is going to have in the middle of this 4-3.”