The rehabilitation of DeVante Parker’s injured ankle began in early October. The rehabilitation of Parker’s image — and perhaps even his confidence — began in earnest Thursday. Clyde Christensen, Miami’s offensive coordinator, has long been Parker’s hype man. Christensen said in the spring that Parker, the wide receiver taken in the 2015 draft’s first round, was going to have a “monster” season. Parker, we now know, did not. He ranks 57th in receiving yards (606), 63rd in catches (51), 155th in touchdowns (1) and 157th in yards per catch (11.9). But Christensen still firmly believes that Parker is a Pro Bowl-type receiver. He just needs a little injury luck. “My words were if he stays healthy, I really see this guy as a 10-touchdown and 1,000-yard guy,” Christensen said. “I’ll still stay with that. If he had stayed healthy, it probably would have been that. … Here’s what I think about DeVante,” Christensen added. “He’s learning. He’s 200 percent better today than he was the day that I got here at understanding what he’s got to do, taking care of himself and his habits, his workout regime and all of the things that go into taking care of your legs and those things. Did he get hurt again? Yes. But I’m telling you, he’s way further ahead on those things. In my heart of hearts, which tries to take the positive side of everything, I would say that’s going to pay off.” At least once this season, Christensen pulled Parker aside, looked in his eyes and told him: Just keep doing what you’re doing. Do those things better. Good things will happen.