The good news is that the New York Rangers are in a position to steal at least a few headlines in New York. The bad news is that they’re not really making the positive headlines that you’d hope for, as Alain Vigneault probably nods sadly at the phrase “no news is good news.” With each loss – and Saturday’s defeat against the Montreal Canadiens was another tough one – the speculation about Vigneault’s job security continues to boil over. The New York Post’s Larry Brooks penned a column with an ominous headline “Alain Vigneault may have one game left.” Brooks provides some interesting perspective therein, speculating that Lindy Ruff would take over in the short-term, while noting the Rangers’ slow starts with amusing specificity: The Rangers have been outscored 3-0 in the first 2:00 of games; 5-1 in the first 3:00; 6-2 in the first 4:00; 8-3 in the first six minutes; 10-4 within the first 10:00; and 13-4 in the first 12:00 of the first 12 games. That is inexcusable. The Blueshirts have been chronically unengaged both mentally and physically coming out of the room for the drop of the first puck. If the athletes believe they are working hard enough, they are delusional. They are doing the minimum, and poorly, at that. It’s actually an earlier piece from Brooks that might be the most fascinating/tough on the heart. Vigneault put himself in the shoes of now-former Yankees manager Joe Girardi, and it felt a bit like he was going through therapy. Via Brooks: “I can put myself in his shoes and really feel the pain he’s going through,” Vigneault said of Girardi on Friday. “But one thing I understand is the business part of it. As much as I’d like to say I don’t, I do.” Yikes, that sure seems dismal. It’s also understandable that he’d feel some kinship to Girardi. Both have been able to enjoy success in the standings, even if their decisions are always under a microscope. Part of that is the nature of the beast while coaching in New York; some of the criticisms are, of course, also valid.