How do we get through this college football season? Not the games, necessarily. It was always legitimate to ask why major-college football felt it necessary to push through this fall during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now we must figure out what's left.

It's a larger, more layered discussion now. Florida vs. LSU became the 29th FBS game to be postponed before Week 7 has kicked off; this despite only half the nation's 130 teams being active at this time. Ole Miss is in the midst of its own outbreak and may not have enough players to field a team this week. Arguably the greatest coach in the history of the game, Alabama's Nick Saban, tested positive for COVID-19. All of that happened Wednesday. It's time to consider where we go from here.

No amount of defensive genius or recruiting or Heisman Trophy campaigns can solve this one. Now, it's a matter of health. Saban and his athletic director Greg Byrne contracting the coronavirus is just the biggest headline in a region of the country that "needs" football the most. Luckily, both are asymptomatic. If you needed a living legend to be infected to get the message …

We'll put this latest development in football language: