When this remarkable night was over at the new Boston Garden, Amar'e Stoudemire couldn't bend down and put on his pants. The Knicks star needed a ballboy to help him get dressed, as his grunts and groans could be heard nearby in a devastated locker room. Across the room there was Jared Jeffries, admitting that he should have shot the ball instead of throwing a dumb pass for a turnover in the final seconds that secured the Celtics' 96-93 victory. Around the corner from Jeffries was Toney Douglas, explaining what everyone saw, that he and no other Knick could stay in front of Rajon Rondo. Yes, the Knicks are in big trouble now and not just because they're down 2-0 to a veteran Celtic team that knows a thing or two about winning in the playoffs. But for one night, they almost defied the laws of NBA playoff basketball - specifically, the law that states that you need stars to win at this time of the year. The Knicks had Chauncey Billups on the bench in a suit with a bum knee and Stoudemire in the locker room for the final 27 minutes with back spasms and they still almost pulled this game out.