Last night, we explained that the possibility of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson getting his apparent wish for the team to sign quarterback Mike Vick possibly hinges on whether quarterback Matt Cassel returns. With Cassel now back, Vick won’t be a Viking. And now we’ll all watch Peterson’s Twitter page for a potential reaction. Cassel had a direct hand in each of the team’s five wins last year, either as the starter or the relief option. Cassel presumably will join Christian Ponder as two of the quarterbacks on the depth chart for 2014, unless the Vikings opt to trade Ponder. Keeping Ponder makes plenty of sense. With a base salary of $1.76 million for 2014, that’s less than what a veteran quarterback to back up Cassel would cost on the open market. The strength of Cassel’s grip on the starting job depends on the value of his contract. He opted out of a contract that was supposed to pay him $3.7 million in 2014. If he’s getting $5 million or more per year to stick around, he’s likely the starter.