Let's be blunt: We're happy the Colts parted ways with Austin Collie last Friday. Truly, we are. Yeah, it sounds cruel, but that's life in the NFL. Our cruelty isn't because we detest Collie as a person. In many ways, we have to be cruel to be kind. We imagine the Colts are following the same train of thought. The reality is Collie's football career as a player should have ended the moment he sustained concussion No. 4 (that we know of) against the Steelers in preseason last year. Austin Collie sustained four concussions in two years, including three in one season (2011). Yes, yes, yes, we know the official line is that Collie had two dingers in '11. Bullsh*t. He got a concussion against the Patriots in Week 8 and the Colts tried desperately to hide it from the league and the media, a clear violation of league rules. When Collie got No. 4 in Pittsburgh last year, we wrote that it was time for the Colts to send him on his way. Some were displeased with us for writing this, making the ridiculous statement that it was not for us to determine whether or not Collie should play. For starters, we don't have that kind of power over people's affairs. Hell, I can barely dress myself. Second, the article wasn't meant to decide whether or not Collie should continue his career. We felt that Collie should not continue his career with the Colts. If he wants to go to Kansas City, San Diego, or the CFL and suffer through four more concussions in two seasons, that's his business.