Definitive observations and opinions on a baseball season that’s a week old: IN HIS QUEST FOR A $200M CONTRACT AND JAY-Z CELEBRITY, ROBINSON CANO IS GOING TO FIND HIMSELF OVER HIS HEAD By firing Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras and hiring Jay-Z’s new sports agency to represent him, Cano pretty much admitted the pressure of getting a new megabucks, long-term contract with the Yankees is eating at him. He dearly wants to be a career Yankee, but was afraid Boras was going to hardball these negotiations right into free agency, risking losing the affections of the Yankees — as what happened when Boras encouraged Alex Rodriguez to opt out of his contract in 2007. At the same time, however, Cano wants to be paid like a leading man, with the accompanying New York celebrity. The Yankees are just as anxious to get a deal done with Cano — which is why they abandoned policy and engaged Boras to negotiate through the season. But for Cano to get himself a $25 million-per-year contract — equivalent to the “franchise” player contracts given out to the Angels’ Albert Pujols, the Giants’ Buster Posey, the Brewers’ Ryan Braun, Cincinnati’s Joey Votto or the Tigers’ Justin Verlander — he’s going to need to prove he’s an MVP-caliber player as they are, and not the guy who went 1-for-18 in the ALCS last year. That was when Cano had plenty of firepower support around him. Now he’s naked in the lineup but still expected to carry the offensive load and keep the Yankees in the hunt — as befitting an MVP-type player. We’re talking about enormous pressure here for a player whose psyche — the ALCS wipeout, the mysterious slump after his pal Melky Cabrera’s drug bust — came under serious question last year.