Dirk Nowitzki is approaching his 20th season with the Mavericks the same way he's approached all the others. He's just hoping for a little more good fortune than he had last season. Nowitzki, who hosted his annual pro-celebrity tennis classic Saturday at SMU, said he wouldn't be so fast to call this coming season a victory lap for him. He knows the end is near for his career. But all those people who are paying an average of over $1,300 for tickets to that last game of the season against Phoenix thinking it will be his farewell -- they might want to reconsider. Nowitzki said he's made no decision about his future, which is completely dependent on his health. "If I miss another 30 to 40 games in a row, then obviously, it's not meant to be," he said. "But if I can stay sort of healthy like I did at the end of the season, when I thought I moved OK and had some good games, then maybe we'll do two more [seasons]. But we'll see how it goes." In talking to Nowitzki, there is little doubt that his excitement meter about the upcoming season is flickering toward the red. After a summer of extensive traveling, he's been back in town for a month and has been doing everything he can to make sure he's as healthy as possible headed into the season.