Heading into the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 3 of the 2021 NLCS, it felt like the series was over.

The Atlanta Braves were ahead 2-0 in the series and led 5-2 in the game. Luke Jackson (1.98 ERA during the regular season) and Will Smith (five scoreless innings of work thus far this postseason) were lined up to finish things off. And despite a payroll almost identical to five entire Baltimore Orioles rosters, the Los Angeles Dodgers couldn't buy a clutch hit all series, sitting at 2-for-20 with runners in scoring position through the first 25 innings of the series.

Coming back from the commercial break, TBS showed Dodgers fans streaming out of the parking lot, determined to not add two hours of sitting in traffic to the already infuriating nearly four hours of watching their team accomplish nothing aside from the Corey Seager home run in the first inning.

And then with one swing of Cody Bellinger's bat, everything changed.

Instead of being down 3-0 and staring an "only the 2004 Boston Red Sox have ever done it" proposition square in the face, the Dodgers are not only right back in this series, but they feel like the favorites once again.