James Wisniewski remembers dumping the puck into the zone and giving chase last Saturday against the Detroit Red Wings, but nothing of the frightful moments that followed. Wisniewski, at full speed, spun out of control and slammed back-first into the wall. His next memory was walking gingerly, with assistance, into the Blue Jackets’ dressing room and looking around the place, wondering where he was supposed to sit. “I watched the replay, and it was surreal,” Wisniewski said yesterday after returning to practice. “For one thing, I had no idea I was down on the ice that long. When I walked in (the dressing room), I didn’t really recognize the place.” Wisniewski suffered the third concussion of his career, along with an injured left hip flexor, a bruised lower right back, a swollen elbow and a neck sprain. “Otherwise, I’m fine,” he joked. Wisniewski said he hopes to play on Sunday against the Edmonton Oilers at Nationwide, but that might be wishful thinking. He wore a no-contact jersey yesterday. “It’s a good sign that he skated with the guys today,” coach Todd Richards said, “but I’m going to wait until I hear more from the (team doctors).”Even watching the replay, Wisniewski said he wasn’t sure what happened. Replays didn’t show his legs getting tangled, but he didn’t just lose his balance. “I’m not that bad of a skater,” he said. “Something happened. It’s like I stepped on a stick or something.” Wisniewski was left counting his blessings. His wife, Nicole, is three days overdue with the couple’s first child, a daughter. “It could have been so much worse,” Wisniewski said. “What would have happened if I went in headfirst?” Two other things he noticed on the replay: the sellout crowd clapping as he got up, and players from both teams tapping their sticks in support. “Total class,” Wisniewski said. “No matter what kind of battle you’re having out on the ice, you never want to see something like that happen to a guy. Deep down, we’re all family.”