The Red Wings are going back to the basics and coach Mike Babcock is sharing the blame for the team's recent four-game winless streak, saying the struggles are due to lack of organization. The Red Wings open up a four-game western Canada trip Wednesday at Vancouver, then play the Flames Friday before moving on to Edmonton Saturday and Winnipeg Monday. "When I look at our team play, if I came from the outside and watched our team play I'd say they didn't have a coach, and that hurts my feelings," Babcock said after practice Monday at Joe Louis Arena. "But, it's the fact and I told the guys that today. We're not organized. We're not efficient. "Face-off plays -- during a stoppage it's like football. You should be able to execute off a stoppage. You have to know what you're doing. So, we asked again, do we know what we're doing? Yeah, we know what we're doing. Well then, we better darn well do it." Babcock went on and on about other areas of the game, asking players, "Do you know what you're doing?" The players' reply, "Yes, we do." Babcock wants the Red Wings to tighten up defensively and take more shots at the offensive end. "Let's work harder, let's work smarter, let's be more efficient, let's get more prepared and let's pay a price to win," Babcock said. "And, we don't score any goals, at least as far as I have seen. So let's not give up 40 shots, let's give up 20 shots, let's win 2-1.