Brook Lopez led the Nets in scoring. By coach Avery Johnson's assessment, he did a nice job of defending the rim. He handed out hard fouls. And, in Lopez's opinion, the single most important factor occurred: The Nets won their historic Brooklyn opener. So with a 107-100 victory over the Raptors Saturday night and all of the other trimmings, why wasn't the night simply perfect for the Nets' 24-year-old center? "I was a little disappointed in my rebounding," said Lopez, who after missing all but five games last season with a broken foot and a subsequent foot ailment, poured in 27 points — but latched on to just five rebounds. "It was something I focused on." Hey, you can't have everything. But what the Nets had in Lopez was a bulked-up presence in the middle who was aggressive from the outset and made Toronto's 7-foot rookie center Jonas Valanciunas a 12-minute non-entity. Lopez shot 8-of-17 and repeatedly got to the line (11-of-15) in 32 minutes. So maybe you can forgive five rebounds — especially when veteran Reggie Evans grabbed 13 in 16 minutes. "He made some big shots, he made some strong moves, he got to the free-throw line," Johnson said. And the biggest shot, the strongest move, came when he made a huge three-point play off a feed from Gerald Wallace with 59.4 seconds left for a 100-95 lead.