Yesterday I posted just a quick overview of all 28 draft selections made by Pete Carroll and John Schneider since they took over this house and "raised the roof" in 2010. There have been 13 players drafted into the NFL in the last three years with All-Pro selections (non-Blair Walsh division) and two of those guys are Seahawks. A couple more Hawks have also been named to the Pro Bowl which means that 1 out of every 7 players drafted by Seattle in the last three years have made either a Pro Bowl or All-Pro team. You'll take that. Yes, you will like that quite often. What I have been up to lately is throwing every draft into an excel spreadsheet (an easy-enough activity thanks to Pro Football Reference) and that gives me the option to quickly sort through the thousands of names called during the NFL draft. Currently I have gone as far back as 2000, but for this activity I just isolated it to the last three years. PFR has a player rating system called "Approximate Value" which is not perfect, as no "one number" could possibly tell you the real value of a player just as much as I have no value number that says I'm technically worthless. But it gives you a barometer of how worthless or worthful a player is. The only player that I've found (at least recently) to post a negative AV is Ryan Lindley so right there I know it's legit. Since AV is a counting stat though, a player that was drafted in 2012 is naturally at a disadvantage to a player that was drafted in 2010, so what I did was simply divide AV by games played and that gave me AV per game. Again, this isn't science. It's not even poli-science. It's just a way to get an idea of where you can start to try to rank players and then look at the names and decide for yourself.