Josh Willingham's scouting report on his infant son: "He does a lot of sleeping. He does a lot of eating. He does a lot of pooping." Rogan Willingham was born Wednesday, and he already sounds like a ballplayer. His daddy certainly looks like one. Josh Willingham, whom Justin Morneau calls "the strongest guy I've ever played with," has appeared in 19 games for the Twins. He has reached base in each. He leads the team with five home runs and 15 RBI, and at .706, his is the only slugging percentage posted by a Twin that begins with a number larger than 4. In Target Field, where the deep dimensions to center field and the power alleys have caused Jason Kubel to flee and Joe Mauer to wince, Willingham has proved that all ballparks are kind to dead-pull hitters. As more celebrated and expensive free agents have struggled, Willingham has quickly become the Twins' most dangerous bat. As the Twins prepare to visit the Los Angeles Angels, Willingham has five more home runs than the Angels' Albert Pujols, meaning Willingham has five home runs.