Last week, the sports world was aghast at negative comments that ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza made about Mike Fiers and whistleblowing on his former Astros teammates for cheating. This quickly turned into a discussion about conflicts of interest because of her front office role with the Mets, and got as harsh as Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal opining that she should be dumped from Sunday Night Baseball. Today, Pedro Martinez made relatively similar comments about Fiers on WEEI; will he be subjected to similar scrutiny?

Martinez is a studio analyst for MLB Network and TBS. He took on a front office special assistant role with the Red Sox in 2013, mentored their players at spring training last year, and remains listed in the role on the team's website. Like the Mets, where manager Carlos Beltran was caught up in the Astros' scandal and had to vacate his role, the Red Sox organization was impacted by essentially having no choice but to get rid of their popular manager Alex Cora in the collateral damage. The Red Sox also are the subject of a separate MLB investigation. It's presumable that none of this happens if Fiers did not go public with his knowledge.

In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that Martinez faces anywhere near the backlash that Mendoza did.