One of the many things the NHL is trying out this preseason is hybrid icing. It was agreed that they would give it a test in the exhibition games and then decide if it would go into effect for regular season. Right now it's still anyone's guess as to if the players will sign of on it or not. Remember it has to get approval not only from the teams/GMs but the players as well. When the NHL had the Board of Governors gathering this week Commissioner Gary Bettman said there was a "vast majority" of GMs in favor of hybrid icing which is understandable. GMs want to protect their players their "commodities" at all costs and nobody wants to see another incident similar to Joni Pitkanen's nasty injury. The players though still aren't quite as solid from the sounds of it. From The National Hockey League Players' Association has begun conducting a player survey on hybrid icing. The NHLPA's executive board is expected to review the results and let the NHL know of its decision before the start of the regular season. ... "Still gray" Carolina Hurricanes captain Eric Staal told "To guess I would say yes [it would pass]." Some of the players are leaning toward a yes vote because of the safety element to the hybrid-icing system. That probably gives you a good indication of which way Staal is leaning on the issue which again makes sense considering what happened to his teammate Pitkanen. That said it's not going to be unanimous by any stretch. Hybrid icing has had its share of detractors. TSN analyst Darren Dreger suggested last week that the belief is players will reject the implementation of hybrid icing.