Coach Will Muschamp said he would like to see the Gators stop scheduling Football Championship Subdivision opponents in the future. Muschamp said games against FCS competition hurt a team's strength of schedule - a key component in determining who plays in the new four-team college football playoff. Games against overmatched competition also are unpopular with fans, he said. "I think more than anything (the College Football Playoff) that’s part of it.," Muschamp said on Tuesday at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin. 'And I think our fan base as much as anything want to see better opponents. So that’s kind of where we are with it." UF athletic director Jeremy Foley said elminating FCS schools from the schedule is not that simple. Often those games are necessary ever since the NCAA expanded the college football schedule to 12 games before the 2006 season. "The issue for me is not FCS in terms of wanting to play necessarily an FCS school," Foley said. "The issue for me is I have to have an opponent for a certain date before we play Florida State; we have an open weekend there. So I think next year or a couple of years from now, we don't have an FCS school because we were able to get all D-1 schools